About this building

Consultancy House was built in 1908 and was New Zealand’s first ‘skyscraper’. Designed in the style of the famous Chicago skyscrapers, with it’s pioneering reinforced concrete structure, it was an immediate hit. The Otago Daily Times reported that the views from it seven stories were ‘unsurpassed anywhere in the city’. It started as offices for The New Zealand Express Company. In recent times the building has undergone a major renovation, removing the lowed ceilings and enclosed offices put in to replicate the 1970-80’s style of offices. It’s light and spacious offices are now home to various businesses (see below). 

Consultancy House

Consultancy House

1st Floor

  • Bond Street Chambers comprising:

  • Louise Garthwaite

  • Chris Lynch

  • Sasha Dolby

  • Bridget Byers

  • Karen Hanna

  • Sleeptech/edensleep (Resmed)

  • Dunedin School Of Music

  • Stephanie Roddick – Gestalt Counselling & Therapy

  • Lucy Warren Pilates

3rd Floor

4th Floor

  • 7th Floor

  • Residential Apartments

Office spaces for rent

75m2 Office Area

Light and spacious area with kitchen and reception.